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Taxpayer Rights

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It always seems like the IRS has the upper hand and that your rights as a taxpayer are limited. However, you do have important rights as a taxpayer, and it is important to understand those rights so that you can exercise them. Specifically, you have: The Right to Privacy: the IRS cannot share the information that youprovide, unless specifically authorized by law and you have the right to question how the information that you provide will be used; The Right to Be Treated Respectfully: IRS employees should be courteous and professional; The Right to Representation: you have the right to have an attorney, an accountant or anyone else you choose to represent you; The Right to Pay Only What You Owe in Taxes; The Right to Get Help from the Taxpayer Advocate Service; and The Right to Appeal an IRS Decision. The purpose of the IRS system is to collect taxes – not to intimidate or take advantage of individuals. If you have any questions about your rights, or believe that your rights have been violated, visit the IRS website at

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