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IRS Tax Audits

Full Video Transcript

Hundreds of thousands of taxpayers get audited every year, and audits rates up over prior years. Some people simply overpay their taxes in order to avoid an audit…. That tells you just how stressful most Americans believe audits to be. And, well, let’s face it, they’re not exactly a walk in the park. But, you do have rights under the tax laws and you are only obligated to pay the tax you owe under the law. Just because you’re audited doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong… It just means your return is being reviewed for accuracy. If you are audited, the more prepared you are for the process, the better. You should have documentation to support the income and deductions you’ve claimed on your return. Seeking the advice of a tax attorney can greatly help you through the process since tax attorneys are familiar with the scope and depth of additional information the IRS seeks during an audit. Remember this – you’ll get through it one way or another….. get help from a tax professional to protect your legal rights and ensure the best outcome possible.

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