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How To Stop Sexual Harassment At Work

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If you’ve been sexually harassed at work, there are several things you can do. If your boss has physically touched you in an inappropriate way, threatened to fire you if you don’t return sexual favors, or even hinted you’d be promoted for engaging in an affair, that is typically called quid pro quo harassment. Tell the person to stop or report it to your HR department – often the perpetrator will be disciplined or terminated as a result. But sexual harassment is sometimes more subtle. For instance, if there are open displays of sexual images in your workplace, if dirty jokes are the norm, if you’re constantly receiving unwanted requests for a date, or if there is some other kind of persistent sexual-related behavior that management has ignored or refused to deal with, then you may have what’s called a hostile environment claim. Any form of sexual harassment is unlawful and prohibited by federal and state laws.It can be a tricky situation to navigate because workers often fear they’ll loose their jobs or otherwise suffer negative consequences, but victims of sexual harassment have strong legal rights and may be entitled to compensation and other damages as a result.

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