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Denied A Loan Modification

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Many homeowners have been taken by surprise when learning that they’ve been denied a loan modification from their lender. This is especially true given all the information out there about various loan modification programs. The truth is, it’s probably more complex than anyone realizes given the high volume of loan modification applications today and lack of lender clarity about the rules for eligibility. So don’t be discouraged: Just because you’ve been denied once doesn’t mean you’re not in fact legally entitled to a loan modification. You should definitely seek the advice of an attorney experienced in loan modifications and dealing with lenders. They’re the only ones who can truly assess whether or not the lender has violated any of the laws or unfairly denied your eligibility for a loan modification. With an attorney representing you in the application, not only will your lender probably review your application more carefully, but your attorney can advise you about all the legal options available for your situation. Contact an attorney today to discuss your rights to obtain a loan modification or other workout with your lender.

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