How To Meet With Your Real Estate Attorney

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Few things in life are more stress-inducing than dealing with a legal issue related to real estate. If you have a legal issue related to real estate, it’s important to understand the following before your initial consultation with your attorney. First, determine whether your matter is related to commercial or residential real estate. Some attorneys only work in one or the other. Furthermore, some attorneys only focus their practices in specific areas of real estate. So take time to find the right attorney who focuses on your particular issue. You may be interested in purchasing a home, selling a home, purchasing commercial property, selling commercial property, have a dispute with a neighbor, a problem with title, or perhaps something else. If you have this information ready to go, you will be able to find the right attorney for your needs, and your initial meeting will be efficient and productive. Finally, remember anything you tell your attorney is confidential so make sure you disclose all matters even remotely related to your case.

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