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The Toyota Recall

Full Video Transcript

Millions of Toyota automobiles have been recalled due to safety defects causing unintended and sudden acceleration.  The massive recall combined with reports of serious even fatal accidents caused by those defects have left Toyota owners around the world worried about the safety of their vehicles and concerned about their legal rights.  The recalls are generally related either to the entrapment of gas pedals by floor mats, or to the sticking of the accelerator.  These problems have resulted in very high vehicle speeds causing serious accidents.  Toyota owners should contact Toyota's customer service or their local Toyota dealer for information about corrective action. Beyond that however, Toyota owners should know that they have important legal rights.  A bankruptcy proceeding can be an extremely stressful situation.  There’s no reason to go through that kind of stress without getting the most out of it as you can.  Hiring an attorney to help you out with your bankruptcy case can offer many benefits.  First, the bankruptcy laws are complex.  An attorney can easily advise you about what debts can be discharged in bankruptcy and whether they're any alternatives available.  Secondly, bankruptcies require a lot of paperwork and if something isn't filled out correctly, you can risk not getting certain debts discharged.  Bankruptcy lawyers are extremely familiar with the paperwork involved and can make sure everything is prepared properly.  Third, a bankruptcy lawyer offers protection.  The lawyer will deal with your creditors on your behalf saving you time, energy and frustration during what is already a difficult time.  These are just some of the ways in which bankruptcy attorney can help you with your case.  Before you make a decision about what to do, contact an attorney to learn more about how a lawyer can make this difficult process a little less painful.

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