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How To Avoid Liability For Accidents At Your Home

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Accidents can happen anywhere – including your home. And if they do – you could be sued based on the legal concepts of negligence and premises liability. To avoid an accident at your home and the liability associated with it, it’s important to take some simple precautions. For instance, it’s important to keep your home in good repair, to fix any problems as soon as possible, and to warn people of any dangers on your property. But keep in mind that you could be liable not just for problems you know about, like a broken stairway, but also for less obvious dangers. For example, a swimming pool that is not properly fenced could result in drowning, an aggressive pet can bite the repairman, or a friend can drink too much at your party and get in an accident. The scope of possible liability is probably broader than you might have thought initially. A good homeowner’s insurance policy can go a long way to paying the financial costs of accidents at your home, but policies differ greatly. Nothing can replace good legal advice about the kind of homeowners’ policy you should have in place to protect yourself from liability.

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