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What is Your Case Worth

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While no attorney can guarantee how much you can get for your case, for claims that are fairly common, an attorney may be able to inform you of the trends and award amounts for similar claims. The value of a case is usually analyzed in terms of what a jury would likely award if you won at trial. Generally the more serious the injury or case the more likely the damage award will be higher. In addition to the severity of the injury, the effect the injury has had on your life will also be taken into consideration. Such as, if you have had to undergo serious medical treatment, lost a lot of time off work, or can’t do some of your regular activities anymore and how your regular activities have been restricted as a result of the injury will also be taken into consideration. Additionally, the culpability of the other party will be taken into account. If you are partially at fault for the accident, your award may be reduced proportionately. Finally, if you have past medical history, preexisting injuries, or have been involved in lawsuits in the past, these things may impact the value of your case to the extent it will be harder to prove your current injury is legitimate and was actually caused by the defendant.

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