Should You Settle Your Personal Injury Case

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While all cases are different there are certain factors that will play a role in evaluating any settlement offer. First, liability factors: If the person who injured you was clearly in the wrong then your claim is obviously worth more than if liability is uncertain or unclear. Secondly, consider the defendant style. If the person who interview is pretty reasonable and just wants to do the right thing, then it will probably be easier to settle it. On the other hand, when cases are highly contentious or if they get downright nasty, settlement efforts are usually more difficult. Third, if an insurance company is involved, any dispute about coverage may sidetrack settlement negotiations. Fourth, is the case particularly egregious? If the defendant acted really badly to the point where jury would be sympathetic to the injured party and return the high award, then there may be more pressure to settle the case early. Finally, if the extent of the injury is difficult to prove, then early settlement is less likely. The bottom line is this, an experience attorney will be able to advise you about how these factors and others affect your claim and your settlement options.

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