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Mortgage Loan Fraud

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With the state of the housing market today more and more Americans are falling victim to mortgage loan fraud or predatory mortgage lending. This is when a broker, appraiser or bank intentionally misleads a homebuyer into a bad loan to make a profit. Predatory mortgage lending is illegal and can cause financial hardship, resulting in foreclosure, bankruptcy and damaged credit. There are warning signs, however, of a bad loan. If the lender encourages you to provide false information about your income, expenses, or cash flow, the lender may be trying to secure a loan that you can’t actually afford. If you were asked to leave signature lines blank or pressured to accept a loan such as balloon loans interest-only payment or prepayment penalties, you might want to look for another lender. If you feel you’ve been victimized by predatory mortgage lending, contact an experienced real estate lawyer in your area to discuss your specific claim.

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