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Diacetyl is a compound that contains a buttery flavor and as a result is used as a food flavoring agent in products such as microwaveable popcorn. Unfortunately, individuals who have experienced prolonged exposure to the compound have developed the serious lung disease constrictive bronchiolitis, otherwise known as popcorn lung. If you have worked in a food processing plant or another facility that uses large amounts of Diacetyl you may be at risk for developing popcorn lung. This disease can block air movement through your airways, and those afflicted may be forced to undergo lifelong care and monitoring. If you work in an environment where Diacetyl is present, take precaution to make sure you wear appropriate breathing guards so you don’t inhale the compound. If you believe you have developed popcorn lung, or another lung disease as the result of inhaling Diacetyl over an extended period of time, contact an experienced attorney today to discuss your legal options.

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