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Warning Signs Of Nursing Home Abuse

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Unfortunately, elder abuse is a growing problem. To help combat it, the National Center on Elder Abuse has put together a list of warning signs that could indicate a problem. While one sign in and of itself does not necessarily indicate abuse, pay attention to somebody’s telltale signs: bruises, broken bones, abrasions and burns may be a sign of a physical abuse, neglect or mistreatment. Bruises around the breast or genital area may indicate sexual abuse and bedsores poor hygiene and unusual weight loss are indicators of possible neglect. But abuse doesn’t always present in physical symptoms. Unexplained withdrawal from normal activities, a sudden change in alertness, unusual depression and frequent arguments or strained relationships may be a sign of emotional abuse. Also, sudden situations in financial situations may be a sign of exploitation. Call 911 or contact Adult Protective Services. And finally, elder abuse is illegal. Contact an attorney to learn more about what legal claims may be involved in your situation.

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