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Chinese Drywall Lawsuits

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State health departments and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission have investigated hundreds and hundreds of case of potentially toxic drywall used in recently built homes. The toxic drywall was manufactured or sold in China and imported into the U.S. There have been many reports that this toxic Chinese drywall has begun to cause an unpleasant rotten egg odor and is causing health problems as well as corrosion within the home. While the Chinese drywall may have been used in every state in the U.S., reports indicate the majority of known cases are in Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, Arizona and California. Millions of sheets of Chinese drywall were imported to the U.S., and investigations regarding the full extent of its dangers are ongoing.Many homeowners have been forced out of their homes pending a resolution of the problem, some even falling into foreclosure. Homeowners who’ve suffered injury and other harm as a result of this toxic Chinese drywall have important legal rights to protect and may be entitled to compensation for their damages.

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