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How To Prepare To Meet With Your Attorney

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Every one of us will meet with a lawyer at least once in our lives. This may be for something as simple as drafting a will, but it may also be for something serious like defending against a felony charge or for representation in a serious injury lawsuit. Before you meet with your attorney, follow these quick steps. One, make sure to bring any notes you may have a written about your case. Two, bring names, addresses and telephone numbers of all parties involved in your case. Three, bring copies of any paperwork you may have in connection to your case such as medical bills. Four, jot down all of the damages you may have suffered, and what you're looking to recover from the opposing party. This may be money damages, a restraining order, a return of property or something else. It's important to be open and honest with your attorney this will enable him or her to provide an accurate analysis of your case. Remember anything you tell your attorney is confidential so don't hesitate to talk about embarrassing or unflattering elements of your life.

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