Does It Always Make Sense To Use A Lawyer

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Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to use a lawyer, though consulting one is a good idea if you’ve had any major losses. If your case involves minor damages such that the case can only be filed in small claims court, then a lawyer probably isn’t needed. However, if your case is serious enough to be filed at the local courthouse, then you’ll almost always need a lawyer to help you. Strict rules govern the timing and flow of a lawsuit, not to mention the rules of law, which need to be argued in front of a judge or jury. A mistake could mean you lose your case, even if you have a strong legal claim. Finally, throughout the process of a lawsuit, there is ongoing negotiation with the other side. Going up against the other side’s lawyer puts a “pro-se” litigant at a huge disadvantage. If you think you might not need a lawyer, it doesn’t hurt to get an initial consultation. There may be much more to your case than you realize, so it just doesn’t make good sense not to explore all the options.

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