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What Are Punitive Damages

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When we get injured, it’s natural for us to want compensation for our losses. Medical bills, lost wages, and various other damages add up, and the person responsible should pay for our injuries. But what stops the person or company who caused our injuries from hurting someone else? In instances where a perpetrator acted with extreme negligence or recklessness, a court may award what’s known as punitive damages. These are damages meant to both punish the perpetrator and curb their future actions so no one else is injured in the same manner. Punitive damages can be enormous, often many times higher than the amount calculated for compensatory damages. However, these damages are reserved for only a few special types of lawsuits, and their amount may be capped depending on the type of case and where you live. If you’ve been injured, speak with an experienced personal injury attorney in your area today.

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