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Summons Never Received

Full Video Transcript

If you’ve been sued and a judgment has been obtained against you, but you never received the summons, there may be a chance you still have some legal options. The purpose of the summons is to inform the defendant that they’ve been sued and to notify them of their right to defend against the lawsuit. However, simply claiming that you never received the summons usually won’t be enough to get a judgment overturned. Otherwise everyone would simply claim they didn’t get the summons. In most cases, as long as the plaintiff can show that they were reasonable and diligent in attempting to serve you, then they may have met their burden and the judgment against you may stand. Of course, every case is different. As soon as you find out there is a legal action against you, your best bet is to contact an attorney for advice about what to do. You may not necessarily need to hire an attorney in every case, but you are in a much better position if you act on an informed basis about your rights. For more information about a lawsuit, contact an attorney in your area today.

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