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How Does A Jury Trial Work

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A jury trial starts with the selection of the actual jury from a pool of candidates. This jury pool is randomly selected from the community and then questioned in court by the judge and attorneys. The goal is to find a fair and impartial jury for the case. Once the [jurors have] been selected, they are sworn in to render an impartial verdict. A head juror, or jury foreman, is selected either before a trial starts or at the start of jury deliberations. Once the trial starts, the jury listens to the arguments of both parties with the purpose of deciding the issues of fact on the questions presented. Once both parties finish arguing their case, the jury is given jury instructions by the judge. Once the jury receives the instructions, the foreman guides the jury deliberations, or discussions, and the jury personally reviews the evidence given during the trial. The jury makes a decision with regard to guilt or civil liability of the defendant and gives the verdict to the court.

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