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Your Rights When Dealing With An Attorney

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Attorneys owe their clients certain rights. Attorneys have the duties of confidentiality and loyalty to their clients. Whatever is discussed between the client and the attorney is almost always confidential, and only the client can waive this privilege. Also, the attorney must advise the client about the progress of the case, including when any settlement offers received. If a settlement or court award is received, then the client is entitled to an accounting of all fees and expenses involved. Attorneys are bound by ethical and professional rules regarding these, and other matters.

If you have a conflict with your lawyer, the best course of action is usually to try to discuss it with them fist. Many times, simple misunderstandings can be resolved. And be honest with your attorney too. You two are in this thing together – and you generally have the best chances for success if you communicate openly and honestly.

If you can’t resolve a problem with your lawyer, however, you may contact the state bar for more information.

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