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Rental Agreement Basics

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What should your rental agreement include? Your rental agreement can be as simple or as complex as needed for your situation. However, the usual terms include the following: term of the rental; whether it’s a year lease, a month-to-month lease, or some other duration; whether a security deposit is required and if so how much; the amount of rent and how often it is paid; the tenant’s obligations, for instance, not to damage the unit; the landlord’s obligations, for instance, what kind of maintenance and repairs are included; whether utilities are included; and occupancy rules, for instance, whether the tenant is allowed to have roommates, whether there are limits on guests, and whether the tenant may sublet the property or not. These are only the most standard rental agreement terms and conditions. Many leases may provide for a variety of other circumstances. For more information about rental agreements, talk to an attorney in your area today.

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