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How To Meet With Your Immigration Attorney

Full Video Transcript

Immigration attorneys can provide a variety of services related to this diverse field. Because of this diversity, it’s important to organize your information and answer a few questions before contacting an attorney. First, what is your immigration status now? Are you a green card holder, on an H1B Visa, or something else? With what country or countries do you currently hold citizenship? Have you been notified that you will be removed from the United States? How long have you been in the US? Is your issue related to a visa, deportation help, asylum, citizenship, or something else? Next, bullet out the main points and facts you want to present to your attorney, and if necessary, create a timeline of events. This will not only help your attorney, but will keep the facts fresh in your memory. Since immigration law can be extremely sensitive, you may be hesitant or scared to tell your attorney personal information. Keep in mind, anything you tell your attorney is confidential so make sure you disclose all matters even remotely related to your case.

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