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How To Become a US Citizen

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For millions of immigrants American citizenship is a dream. But getting there is a fairly complex process which requires years of waiting, myriad forms, several key interviews, and a lot of patience. You can initially enter the U.S. on whatever number of visas or obtained conditional residency while you await permanent residency. Once you’ve obtained your permanent resident green card, there’s a waiting period of three to five years before you can apply for the final step — naturalization. During the naturalization process, you must prove you have a basic literacy in English, knowledge of American history, affinity for the principles of the Constitution and good moral character. You need to take a written and oral test, provide fingerprints, and then wait an estimated six to nine months. Finally, when you raise your right hand and take the required oath of allegiance to the United States, you officially become an American citizen. Your certificate of naturalization will be your proof of citizenship. You can then apply for a U.S. passport, register to vote and begin to participate more fully in the life of your adopted country.. For more information about how to become a U.S. citizen, contact an immigration attorney in your area today.

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