Enforcing Your Parental Rights During A CPS Investigation Or Hearing

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A guardian ad litem is appointed by the court to represent the best interests of the child. In this pursuit, ad litems are required to conduct a series of interviews, inspections, and other actions in order to evaluate a child’s case and make recommendations for a child’s future. If during a CPS investigation or hearing, you as a parent don’t believe your child’s ad litem is serving in your child’s best interest, you don’t have to be quiet. It’s important to understand you’re still your child’s parent and can speak up and force the ad litem to serve in your child’s best interest. For example, if the ad litem has failed to interview close family members that may be relevant to the case, speak up and notify the court of this misstep. If you need legal help, be sure to speak with a qualified child protective services attorney in your area.

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