What Type Of Attorney Can Help With Me Create A Will Or Trust

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When planning for your future, it’s common to consider creating a will or a trust so you have a say over what happens to your assets after you die. However, there’s really no such thing as a will attorney or a trust attorney. Attorneys who help individuals like yourself with these documents are known as estate planning attorneys, and they dedicate their practices to helping people plan for their future. An estate planning attorney can help advise you as to what legal documents will best achieve your goals, how to properly prepare for taxes, and can potentially even advise on investment opportunities. Some estate planning attorneys can also help with matters related to probate and estate execution. Because estate planning matters are financially involved, you’ll want to make sure your estate planning attorney is comfortable with this subject matter. This is the reason many estate planning attorneys are trained accountants, ex-IRS agents, or even MBAs.

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