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Workplace Dresscodes

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Have you ever walked into a business and seen women in short skirts are men in tank tops and wondered how they get away with dressing that way? In certain settings like a bar or a warehouse, informal clothing may be appropriate. In most corporate settings though, dress codes may be strictly enforced. That usually means no low-cut shirts, bare midriffs, tight pants, blue jeans or even exposed tattoos. Some policies may even prohibit certain hair styles as well, claiming they are unprofessional or distracting. Legal conflicts arise when dress codes are applied in a biased manner. To avoid discrimination lawsuits, employers should adopt written dress codes founded on rules [of] decency and safety rather than personal taste or prejudice. All employees should have a written copy of the policy, and violators should be disciplined equally. For more information about whether your workplace dress code is legally appropriate, contact an employment attorney today.

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