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How To Meet With Your Drunk Driving Attorney

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If you have been caught operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated or impaired, you are likely facing either driving under the influence or driving while impaired charges. If you have decided to consult with an attorney, make sure to have the following information available before making the initial call. First, do you have any previous drunk driving convictions? If so, how many? Next, were you involved in an accident? If so, was anyone injured? If you were given a field sobriety test, what type was administered? Was it a breathalyzer, alphabet, counting, balance, nose or some other test? Finally, bullet out the major facts of your case and create a timeline. This will not only help your attorney, but will keep the facts fresh in your memory. Remember anything you tell your attorney is confidential so make sure you disclose all matters even remotely related to your case.

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