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Multaq Warnings

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In July 2011 the United States Food and Drug Administration reported for the fifth time that there are possible risks from taking the drug Multaq. The drug, manufactured by Sanofi-Aventis, is used to treat patients with heart complications, abnormal heart rhythms or with serious risks of having a heart attack. Since its approval in 2009, [the FDA’s warning regarding] Multaq have included possible signs of congestive heart failure, possible signals that Multaq interacted with warfarin to increase warfarin’s anti-clotting effect, links to a form of heart arrhythmia and liver failure. The FDA and Sanofi, the manufacturer of Multaq, have recently modified the safety warning associated with the drug. The new warning highlights the fact that when prescribed for certain patients, Multaq increases the possibility of stroke, heart attack and death.

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