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Androgel Lawsuits

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Androgel has been on the market since 2000 and is one of the most common testosterone treatments used. With side effects that include heart attack, stroke and death, claims are being made that there was a lack of warnings on behalf of the manufacturer, Abbvie, formerly part of Abbott Labs.

Both AbbVie and Abbott Labs are the target of recent lawsuits filed claiming the manufacturers actually concealed facts regarding serious side effects of Androgel. These lawsuits are claiming heart problems, including heart attacks, due to taking the drug. There are other physical and emotional damages included in the lawsuits.

The first lawsuits were filed in February 2014, but many more lawsuits are anticipated. If you have taken Androgel or some other low testosterone treatment and have suffered side effects, you should contact an attorney to discuss the potential for a lawsuit to recover for your losses.

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