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Securities Fraud - Victim's Rights

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It can be incredibly discouraging to find out that you have been a victim of stock fraud. You invested in a stock that you believed in, only to see its value crash, not because of unavoidable market circumstances, but because you relied on lies. If important information was withheld from you or if someone lied to you about anything that could affect stock value, then you may be able to file a lawsuit to recover damages. The lawsuit may be brought against anyone involved in the fraud, including the company itself and its officers or directors. Lawsuits may also be brought against stock brokers, underwriters and auditors if they were involved in or should have known about the fraud. It is difficult to be a victim of securities fraud, but it is important to know that you are not powerless. You trusted a company enough to invest in it, and the law provides you with a remedy if that company procured your investment under false pretenses.

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