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Driving On A Suspended License

Full Video Transcript

If your license has been suspended, you are not allowed to drive anywhere, unless the court grants you specific permission to drive in certain limited circumstances, for instance, to drive only to and from work. If you drive while your license is suspended or beyond the scope of any special exceptions, you’re violating a court order. There are often serious penalties for driving on a suspended license, including fines and possibly even jail time for very serious offenses. However, if you were not properly notified of the suspension for some reason or you weren’t in fact operating the vehicle as prohibited, then you may be able to defend against the charges. It’s important to note that state laws vary somewhat regarding what you can and can’t do on a suspended license and what defenses may be available. And it can get even more complicated if you have an out of state license as well. The court hearings will be critical, so being well prepared, and even represented by an attorney, will be very important in determining your rights with regard to your license.

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