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Resisting Arrest

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Getting arrested can be a scary experience, but it is important to stay calm and in control. If you get upset and try to escape from the police, threaten the police, or lie to the police about your identity, then you could face an additional charge of resisting arrest. Moreover, the police are not likely to give you the benefit of the doubt or any extra privileges if you attempt to resist your arrest. Resisting arrest [would be] separate charge brought against you in addition to whatever charges would have otherwise been brought against you. Potential penalties for a resisting arrest conviction include jail time and a fine. In order to avoid being charged with resisting arrest it is important to be compliant with all legal actions taken by the police during your arrest. Remember – an arrest is not a conviction nor is it a sentence for criminal behavior. You can defend yourself after the arrest is made – you do not need to compound your problems by resisting the arrest during the process.

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