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Criminal Defense Attorneys

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Criminal defense attorneys deal with a wide variety of matters when you’ve been arrested or charged with a crime. Hiring a criminal defense attorney can prove to be immensely beneficial since a criminal record follows you to a certain extent for life. Criminal defense attorneys not only defend clients against charges, but also work to invalidate illegal arrests, whether due to police misconduct, failure to provide Miranda warnings, or violating a defendant’s constitutional search and seizure rights. Once official charges have been made, criminal defense attorneys also skillfully engage in the plea bargaining process, often obtaining either reduced charges or sometimes even getting the charges dropped. Criminal defense attorneys can also help with sentencing matters, expunging criminal records, and even appealing convictions altogether. Since those charged with crimes rarely, if ever, can achieve the same results an experienced criminal defense attorney can achieve, if you’ve been charged with illegal activities, it is a wise move to seek their expert legal advice early on in the process.

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