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Debtors' Rights

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If you’re in debt, it might feel like you don’t have any rights and that you are at the mercy of your creditors. While that feeling is certainly understandable, it isn’t true. Debtors do have legal rights. In fact, debtors have the legal right to be treated fairly. Creditors and debt collectors are prohibited by law from taking abusive actions such as contacting you early in the morning or late at night, or contacting you at your job if you’ve told them that you’re not allowed to take calls there. Also, debt collectors cannot threaten you with the lawsuit if they don’t actually intend to do so. Some state laws even prohibit excessive calling about a debt or seizing property without a court order. If you’re being harassed by debt collector it can be difficult to understand exactly what your rights are and any given situation. Contact an attorney to discuss your rights and to help you reach an agreement with your creditor.

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