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Billed For Merchandise You Never Received

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If you’ve been charged for merchandise you never received, you have a couple of options. Under the Mail or Telephone Order Rule, merchandise must be shipped by the promised shipping date or within 30 days if no shipping date was specified. If you don’t receive it, you can either agree to a later shipping date or you have a right to a refund. If the charges are fraudulent, your liability is limited by law. Under the Fair Credit Billing Act, dispute the error or fraud on your credit card within 60 days of receiving the bill showing the error. When properly reported, your loss from unauthorized charges is limited to 50 dollars. With debit cards, the Electronic Funds Transfer Act and your state’s debit card laws limit your liability for unauthorized charges, but the window to report to sometimes shorter and maybe as soon as within two days if your card was lost or stolen. Finally, many credit card issuers like Visa and MasterCard have zero liability policies, meaning they won’t hold you responsible for any fraudulent charges on your card.

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