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Freedom Of Speech

Full Video Transcript

Freedom of speech is often considered to be a fundamental right guaranteed by the Constitution. But it doesn’t mean that Americans have unlimited rights to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech generally allows Americans to say what they want without government interference. However, freedom of speech can refer to any type of expression – whether verbal, written or even artistic. However, there are some restrictions on an individual’s freedom of speech. For example, if the speech is likely to incite violence, it may be restricted. There may also be restrictions on the time, place and manner of speech. When thinking about free speech, it is important to remember that this Constitutional right was intended to allow people of all political ideology to share their ideas freely, without being censored by the government. It was not intended to allow speech that could incite others to violence, defame others, create dangerous situations or sell something to others. Accordingly, courts will carefully consider what you say, how you said it, and why you said it when determining whether your speech was constitutionally protected.

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