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How To Enforce Child Support

Full Video Transcript

All too often one parent fails to pay court-ordered child support. If you are trying to get your child support payment, there are a couple ways you can enforce the court’s order. The first is to file a petition to ask the court to enforce the child support order. There will be a hearing where the other parent can explain why he or she failed to pay the court-ordered support. The judge will hear both sides and rule on whether the other parent must comply with the original order and whether he or she must also pay the court costs and attorney fees in the case. Secondly, your state or local child support enforcement agency is available to help. You may be able to garnish the nonpaying parent’s wages and even report the arrears to credit bureaus. The child support enforcement agencies also work with local law enforcement, district attorneys and the courts to help ensure kids have the financial support they need from their parents. If you are having problems with child support contact an attorney experienced in this area to help you with your rights today.

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