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Calculating Child Support

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The factors used to calculate child support payments are set by state law, including such factors as each parent’s income, the child’s regular standard of living, the child’s medical and educational costs, whether there are other children to be supported, and other factors. The amount of a child support award is more than a question of the child’s bare necessities. Where the supporting parent enjoys a lifestyle that far exceeds the custodial parent’s living standard, child-support must to some degree reflect that lifestyle. This is so even though as a practical matter the child support payments will incidentally benefit others in the custodial household who other parent has no obligation to support. There are three basic models though that each state falls under, a flat income percentage, income shares for each parent, and the Melson Formula, which is based on a variety of factors. For more information about how shall support is calculated in your jurisdiction or if your child support payments can be modified, contact an attorney in your area today

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