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Can I Declare Bankruptcy On Student Loan Debt

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In these difficult economic times you may find yourself unable to pay back many of your debts, no matter how hard you try. Many times bankruptcy is a viable means of starting over by having debts discharged. However, if you have student loans that are bogging you down, bankruptcy may not be able to solve your problems. Student loans, like alimony, child support and back due taxes, are nearly impossible to discharge in bankruptcy. Some exceptions may apply to your case, particularly if your student loan came from a private lender. If you borrowed money from a private lender such as a bank or credit union for your education, rather than the federal government, it can usually be included in bankruptcy along with your other personal loan and credit card obligations. Additionally, in instances of a permanent disability part or all of your student loan potentially could be forgiven.When dealing with student loan debt and bankruptcy, the important thing to do is contact a skilled bankruptcy attorney in your area to discuss your financial hardships and potential solutions.

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