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Raising Money For Your Business - Venture Capital

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Venture capital is an important way to raise money for your business – particularly if you have a new technology startup. Most venture capitalists trade cash for shares of a business with the expectation that they will turn a profit when the business goes public or is sold. Venture capitalists take their ownership role seriously and are active managers – their skill in startup companies, coupled with their money, are often what make them attractive investors to new businesses. Typically, venture capitalists invest in high-risk, high-growth-potential kinds of companies. They typically want to see a financial return on their investment within five to seven years, so you should expect to have your business ready for a public offering or private sale within that time period. If you want to attract venture capitalists to your business, then you will need both a solid business plan and an innovative product. Be prepared to sell yourself to your potential investors and convince them that they should invest in your ideas. If you can prove that the arrangement will be mutually beneficial, then you are likely to raise the necessary money for your business.

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