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Gay And Lesbian Adoption Overview

Full Video Transcript

Many gay and lesbian couples want to become adoptive parents. In some states same-sex couples can adopt children in the same way that heterosexual couples adopt children. Other states do not allow gay and lesbian couples to adopt children together but may allow a same-sex partner to legally adopt the biological child of his or her partner through what is known as stepparent adoption. And still other states have laws that prohibit same-sex couples from adopting children at all. In those states, it is important to develop a parenting agreement that is signed by both parents acknowledging the fact that you intend to act as co-parents even though you cannot legally adopt the child. It is important to understand how your state laws affect your right to adopt a child with your partner and how your rights to parent that child would be affected if you were to get divorced or end your relationship so that you can provide the stable family that you want for your child.