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Victims of Trafficking

Using coercion, force, or fraud to persuade a person to submit to forced labor and sexual exploitation is called human trafficking in the law and it is a contemporary version of slavery.

The difference between contemporary slavery and its predecessor is that the victims of human trafficking are protected under the federal Trafficking Victims Protection Act.

Protections include eligibility for benefits and services and admission into the United States as refugees for victims who are brought into the United States for forced labor or to enter the sex trade.

Should I Hire an Attorney?

If you were transported into the United States to be exploited for involuntary servitude or sex, you may meet the eligibility requirements authorized by the Trafficking Victims Protection Act. Obtaining the advice and counsel of an attorney experienced in human trafficking law and immigration law is vital to determining your eligibility, your best legal interests, and to your future.

What Does a Trafficking Attorney Do?

Your attorney will review the circumstances that led to your being brought into the United States for severe forms of trafficking, defined as involuntary servitude, peonage, debt bondage, slavery or to engage in sex acts. This review will help determine if you meet the eligibility requirements under the law.

Your attorney will also help you document what you were required to do against your free will to help you obtain the benefits and services available under the law.

Benefits and services include grants to shelters and rehabilitation programs, initiatives to enhance economic opportunities, and relief from deportation if deportation would mean hardship or lead to retribution.

To help ensure that you cannot be deported, your attorney will prepare the documents and legal arguments for a refugee visa, which will allow you to remain in the United States for three years, and represent you in the legal proceedings necessary to win approval of a visa.

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