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Workers' Compensation Law

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If I Am Unable To Return To The Type Of Work I Did Before I Was Injured, What Happens?

Most Oregon employers are required to return you to your job or another suitable job after your doctor releases you to work. The insurer will send you written notice that your doctor released you to go back to work. When you receive this notice, you must ask your employer for your job or another suitable job within seven calendar days (sooner if your union contract or employer`s personnel policies require it) or you will lose your right to be reinstated with your employer.

If your working hours are reduced or you are doing light­duty work that pays less than your regular wage, the insurer will send you partial time­loss payments to replace part of your lost wages. If your employer offers you a light­duty job, contact your doctor to find out if you are physically able to do the job. If your doctor says you can do the job, you must accept the job or your time­loss benefits will be reduced or stopped. If you find you cannot do the light­duty job due to your injury, contact your doctor immediately. If your light­duty job pays less than your job at the time of injury, you will receive time­loss checks to make up part of the lost wages.

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