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Workers' Compensation Law

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If I Am Injured On The Job Can I Choose The Doctor Who Treats Me?

Unless the insurer has enrolled you in a managed care organization, you may treat with any doctor who qualifies as an attending physician under Oregon law. Your doctor will tell you if there are any limits to the services he or she can provide.

If your employer is covered by a managed care organization contract, the insurer may enroll you with the managed care organization at any time after your injury, and you may be required to select a managed care organization doctor. The insurer will give you a list of providers with the enrollment notice. Until you are enrolled, any doctor may treat you if he or she qualifies as an attending physician. After enrollment, if you have a regular doctor who is a family practitioner, general practitioner, or internal medicine specialist, he or she may continue to treat you if treatment is provided according to the managed care organization contract.

You may change doctors two times. Additional changes require permission from the insurer or the Workers` Compensation Division. If you are enrolled in a managed care organization, your rights may differ.

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