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Workers' Compensation Law

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If I Am Injured On The Job Can I Choose The Doctor Who Treats Me?

The employee has the right to select a physician who has maintained the medical records of the employee (or an immediate family member) when the employer notifies the employee of this right. If the employee does not have or does not choose such a physician, then the employer may select the physician. If the employer does not give proper notice to the employee regarding the right of selection, then the restrictions on choosing and changing physicians do not apply and the employee has the right to select any physician. If the doctor has been chosen by you or your employer after you were notified of your right to choose by your employer, you can`t change doctors unless your employer agrees or the court orders a change. If you want to change, talk to your employer about the reasons. If your employer agrees, you may change. If your employer does not tell you about your right to choose a doctor, you may change doctors without your employer`s agreement.

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