Workers' Compensation Law

If I Am Injured On The Job Can I Choose The Doctor Who Treats Me?

You may choose your own primary doctor to treat your injury. You may change your treating doctor one time, but tell the insurer before you change. If your primary doctor sends you to a specialist, this doesn`t count as a change of doctors. If you want to change to a third doctor, you need to get the insurer`s written permission. If you change doctors more than once without the insurer`s written permission, you may be responsible for the doctor bills.

At reasonable times, which may be as often as every 60 days, the insurer can ask you to be examined by a doctor of its choice. The insurer must give you at least 10 days` notice of the doctor`s appointment. It can change its examining doctor only one time, unless you agree in writing to see a different doctor. If the insurer`s doctor sends you to a specialist, this is not a change of the insurer`s doctor. The insurer pays all reasonable costs for the examination. If you do not go to an examination, the insurer may stop compensation payments until you see the doctor.

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