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Workers' Compensation Law

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How Long After An Injury Do I Have To Report It To My Employer?

You must give written notice to your employer and the Workers` Compensation Board within 30 days after the accident or when you think you have an illness caused by work. To report the injury, use the Report of Occupational Injury or Illness which is available from your employer or the Workers` Compensation Division. Complete your part of the form, and give your employer all the copies. After your employer completes their portion, they should give you the yellow and green copies. If your employer will not give you a form, contact the Division.

Within 30 days after the injury or death, you or the dependents of a deceased worker must give the employer and the Board written notice of the injury or death. If you do not give this notice, the Board may excuse the failure to give notice in certain circumstances. If 30 days have passed and you have not given your employer written notice, contact the employer and the Division immediately.