Veteran's Benefits Law

If My Deceased Husband/Wife Was A Veteran Am I Entitled To A Pension?

You may be, however, there are qualifications.  If you are widowed by a veteran, to receive a Department of Veterans Affairs Death Pension you must not be remarried, and a child of a deceased veteran must not be married.  Additionally, the deceased veteran must have qualified for a pension while alive – meaning they could not have been dishonorably discharged and must have served during wartime.  The limit on countable income for death pensions applies to the surviving spouse or children, whose income must be under that amount to receive a death pension.  Additionally, for the child of a veteran to be eligible they must be under 18, under 23 and still in school, or incapable of self­support before the age of 18.  Also, the net worth of the family after the veteran is deceased cannot be “excessive.”