Medical Malpractice Law

Birth Defects Or Injuries

Most births and deliveries are handled appropriately by medical care professionals. However, medical negligence can occur during pregnancy. Sometimes physicians may not diagnose or properly treat various conditions that arise during pregnancy. One such condition is known as placenta previa. This occurs if the placenta, which nourishes the fetus during pregnancy, attaches to the inside of the womb in such a fashion that prohibits the baby from being delivered properly. If it is not diagnosed, significant blood loss can occur. Such bleeding can cause damage to the fetus, or even death. It can also cause the mother to lose a dangerous amount of blood. Birth injuries can also occur if the delivery process is allowed to go on for too long a period of time despite signs and symptoms. In such cases, a cesarean section delivery may be required. If a cesarean section delivery is delayed, the child may be injured from lack of oxygen. Injury can occur if newborns are deprived of oxygen before, during, or after birth. The emotional and financial cost to a child who has been cared for or delivered by doctors who have committed negligence can be catastrophic. If you or your child has been injured during pregnancy, labor, or delivery, or if you have lost a child for an unknown reason, medical negligence may have played a role. Various states have specific statutes governing malpractice claims. Many states provide for peer review by a panel of doctors before the court may review the claim. Certain notice and time requirements may apply to your claim. If you believe that you or your baby has suffered injury due to negligence, consult with an attorney familiar with medical malpractice law.