Landlord/Tenant Law

How Long Does An Eviction Take?

Depending on whether the landlord must given the tenant written Notice to Quit, or not, the eviction could take as follows; 10+ days for the Notice to Quit, approximately additional 14 days after filing for the District Justice (magistrate) to schedule and eviction hearing and make service on the tenant, 11 days for the tenant to move out upon losing in Magisterial District Court before a landlord can request the Order for Possession, 11 days after service of the Order for Possession on the tenant before the tenant is forcibly evicted by the constable. So it may take about 44+ days for eviction to take place (plus or minus). Costs (filing and constable service fees) for the Landlord are usually in the $100.00 ­ $220.00 range (not including attorney fees).