The Court Ruled For My Landlord At Our Dispossessory Hearing. How Long Do I Have To Move?

By ruling for your landlord, the court ruled that your landlord did have the legal right to have you removed from the property. The court may also have entered a judgment that you owe money to your landlord. The money judgment can be enforced by garnishment or other methods. A writ of possession allows the landlord to have you removed from the property. After July 1, 1998, your landlord cannot execute the writ, remove you from the property, until the expiration of the seventh (7th) day after the judgment was entered or longer if the court orders. Once judgment has been entered, even if you pay the landlord the money judgment, you can still be removed from the property. Until July 1, 1998, a tenant has ten (10) days after judgment to vacate.

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