Landlord/Tenant Law

My Former Landlord Sent Me A Letter Saying That I Owed $500. I Wrote The Landlord Stating That I Disagreed With This Statement.

If the landlord has turned the debt over to a collection agency you can write to the landlord disputing the debt and write to the credit bureau disputing the debt, informing them that the information given them by the landlord is incorrect. It may be helpful to send the credit agency a copy of any inspection lists or other letters that you wrote to your landlord concerning this debt. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, a person may have incorrect or incomplete information corrected without charge. If a tenant disputes information in their credit report, the credit bureau must reinvestigate it within a reasonable period of time unless it believes that the dispute is irrelevant or frivolous. If after reinvestigation a disputed item is found to be inaccurate or can no longer be verified, the credit bureau must delete it. If the reinvestigation does not resolve the dispute the tenant may file a statement of up to one hundred (100) words with the credit bureau. This statement becomes part of the credit report unless the credit bureau has reasonable grounds to believe it is frivolous or irrelevant.